I'm launching this blog to fulfill three goals:

  1. Record my thoughts about the future of FP&A
  2. Connect with others who are thinking deeply about FP&A
  3. Raise awareness of the importance of forward-thinking FP&A

The first goal is personal. Why not record my thoughts in a place where I can reflect upon them and invite input from others?

The second goal is professional. I'd like to connect and initiate conversations with others in my field.

The third goal is altruistic.  Most problems in our society are a result of faulty financial decision-making. Improving FP&A will lead to better allocation of financial resources and a better society.

Many people are setting goals for the New Year.  What is the number one goal for 90% of CFOs? 

Better FP&A

This has been a recurring goal of CFOs for at least a decade now.  Its significance is underscored by the onslaught of Big Data (from McKinsey: The age of analytics: Competing in a data-driven world).